New Security Protocols

In an effort to increase our school security and safety for our students and staff, we have added some additional measures at our main school entrance. Recently, we began utilizing a new visitor management system called Raptor. This system enhances school security by reading visitor drivers’ licenses (or approved state-issued IDs) and checking for pertinent information. We are using this system for visitors, volunteers, student sign in/sign out, and contractors. Volunteers will only put in their ID once, however, visitors could be asked to provide their ID more than once. When someone other than parents/guardians come to pick up a student, we ask for an ID and the system will document who picked up that student and the time.

In addition, a new pass-through window has been installed to send things through to Mrs. Lane or Mrs. Dodds. Visitors/parents will check in at the new window in the alcove of the main entrance. There has also been a 2nd secured door installed that is released by school staff once the initial entry process is completed. School safety is a top priority here at GCCS, and these additions will only improve the safety of our students and staff. With these new safety additions, please give yourself extra time if you are needing to pick up a student for an appointment or to volunteer at school. We value your continued partnership with us as we make improvements on our campus.