Intermediate School

Grove City Christian Intermediate School is comprised of grades five and six. Core classrooms are self-contained in their own wing of the building, which supports students as they begin to change classes and develop greater independence and responsibility in these transitional years.


Intermediate Student Life

Student activities are designed to develop a sense of community and pride in the school, and parents are kept informed through weekly updates. A weekly chapel experience engages students in worship and relevant teaching in God’s Word. Students have the opportunity to join the band, take violin class, serve in student council and participate in intramural sports. Recreation league football and cheerleading are also available to intermediate students.

Enrichment opportunities are provided through the Association of Christian Schools International competitions. We also offer opportunities for classroom extensions that include Outdoor Education.

Student Council providing teachers and administrators with a drink

Grove City Christian Intermediate School

Welcome, from Principal Debbie Edwards

Image of Principal Debbie Edwards