Classes at GCCS are taught from a Biblical worldview and are designed to enhance and engage students in learning while challenging them to think critically.

Biblically Integrated Instruction

Our goal is to teach all students with Biblically Integrated Instruction. We use the following definition from Dr. Martha MacCullough:

“Biblically Integrated Instruction is the process of instructional planning and teaching that helps the student think through subject matter and skill development in such a way as to develop the habit of connecting and contrasting all knowledge to a biblical worldview.”

Our rigorous curriculum is designed to prepare students for entrance into college and to be Christian leaders who impact their world. All students participate in daily Bible class and weekly chapel services. Emphasis is placed on community outreach as students in all grade levels participate in various service projects throughout the year as they seek to make a local and global impact for Christ.

Image of GCCS logo of cross and bible inside of shield with text, "Grove City Christian School GCCS 1990 Deo Duce."